US GI Web Slings, EXC or better!


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Real and original US GI Web Slings, first used on the M1 Garand, later on the M14, and then on early M16s.

Those who know will tell you: In the 2XX years Uncle Sam has been around, development of the US GI web sling has been the greatest favor he has ever done for America's riflemen. (Altho, thinking more on it, you could also include the M1 Garand and the M14!)

Complete, from original unissued M14 stocks. Requires 1 1/4 sling swivels.

Every sling we sell is ALL ORIGINAL US GI - no phonies, no repros, no Chinese copies. Each sling came off an original US GI M14 or M14E2 rifle stock - even the WW2 and KW ones! (Amazing, huh?)

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