US GI M14 "Vietnam" Solid Handguard, Gr II Fair


    Solid US GI M14 handguard well-used and abused, most probably having seen service in Vietnam, showing long and hard service under harsh conditions. Will show considerable wear, will have cracks, gouges, splits, dings, wear, etc. Cheap enough this should be a 'no-complaint' price. They will fit on your rifle. They will function as intended, keeping you from contact with a hot barrel,  keeping sight-picture-destroying heat waves to a minimum. Other than that, they are ugly as sin - but some can be repaired - maybe all of them - if you know how - to at least 'excellent' - and maybe better! But who'd want to desecrate these pieces of history by restoring them?   Complete with clip.

  • Item #: H0011
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Price $1.00