US GI M14 Solid Handguard, Presentation grade


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    The "best of the best", condition-wise. Solid US GI M14 handguard - the toughest handguard for the M14 rifle. Comes in various shades of brown - from "coffe" to red-brown to chocholate-brown to a near black-brown.

    Please be aware these are picked on the basis of external appearance. I try to find those which appear perfect to the observer when it's on your rifle. (I'm not concerned too much about internal appearance. Most will be 'typical', internally...)

    By the way, that silver paint underneath is very easy to wipe off - bore solvent, etc, will take it off in a jiff - so be careful.

    Complete with clip.

US GI M14 Solid Handguard, Presentation grade
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