US GI M14 Solid Handguard, As-New


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Solid US GI M14 handguard - the toughest handguard for the M14 rifle. Comes in various shades of brown - from "coffe" to red-brown to chocholate-brown to a near black-brown. Condition is "As New".

    By the way, that silver paint is very easy to wipe off - bore solvent, etc, will take it off in a jiff - so be careful.

    Complete with clip.


    A brief education about US GI M14 handguards. There's a myth they are subject to cracking. It all depends on what you mean by "they" and what you mean by "cracking". The GI handguard has a thin but very tough - but extremely rigid - outer coating - about like a thick coat of paint. The interior is the fiberglass which is not only tough, but can flex under stress. When the handguard flexes, that outer coating can sometimes develop a hairline crack ("slotteds" are especially subject to this). That "crack" is skin deep. The handguard itself is not cracked. It is solid. On a solid HG, the two places you see the hairline "cracks" most often is at the very front of the HG, usually coming out of the part covered by the front ferule. Sometimes you will see a very thin hairline crack from the rear edge of the HG to the HG clip, usually at the top of the HG. You usually have to look pretty close to see it.

   So, bottom line, these "cracks" don't really amount to a hill of beans, so far as the utility and useful life of the HG is concerned. These HGs are TOUGH! And any of 'em will prob outlast both you and me!

     NOTE: None of these "as new" HGs will exhibit any "cracks"!



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