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     The early and somewhat rare (at least, in good condition!) US GI M14 slotted handguard. It was not the toughest handguard for the M14 rifle - the slots made it somewhat weak, and also allowed heat escaping from the barrel to interfere with a good sight pic - and so the later SOLID HG was developed to replace it. However, there's no question A SLOTTED HG LOOKS COOL! Unlike the solid HG, 'slotteds' come in only two colors: a chocholate-brown or a much rarer (and prob very early) red-brown. The red-browns usually exhibit lots of scratches and hairlines, even when they appear new. All these HGs come complete with clip.

    The US GI M14 Slotted Handguard was fiberglass (of course!), but the exterior outer layer was extremely hard - and, being hard, somewhat brittle. You often see minor hairline cracks in that outer coating. They do not interfere with the functionality of the handguard, nor do they presage development of larger cracks, later. They are not only hairline thin - they are hairline deep!

    The cracking is simply the inherent nature of the very hard outer layer when flexed a bit - and it's the slots which allow it to flex more than a solid HG. It's simply a fact of life, and nothing to be concerned about. It's a crack in the exterior coating, not in the handguard itself.

    The edges of the slots were quick to pick up very minor chips - antiquers will know them as "fleabites".

    We pick the "As New" to be as near unissued as possible. There may be a few hairline surface cracks - because it is so hard to find a slotted HG without them. Believe it - some hairlines are so small and so near invisible that, if you get out a magnifying glass, you will prob see some. Likewise, there may be one or more "fleabites" - it's simply the nature of the slots in the HG to pick 'em up.

     Nevertheless, "Exc-As New" slotted HGs will essentially appear newly unused or unissued; 50 years old but exc-like new. Some may have a taped "rack number"; some may have a painted rack number. Sometimes the tape is gone, but the adhesive residue remains. If you don't want these souveniers of an army of the past, it's easy enough to get them off with the usual solvents. Most HGs are unmarked.

     The silver paint underneath the HG is not near as bright as the silver paint can be on a solid HG. I do not grade the paint underneath; only on the external upper surface, the part you see when the HG is on your rifle. By the way, that silver paint is very easy to wipe off - bore solvent, etc, will take it off in a jiff - so be careful. Ditto on the solid HG.


US GI M14 Slotted Handguard, EXC to As-New OUT OF STOCK!
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