US GI M14 Slotted Handguard, As-New w/crack at rear

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    The rare early slotted US GI M14 handguard - NOT the toughest handguard for the M14 rifle, but definitely the first, and highly sought-after.

      The item listed here is the same as the "Presentation/As New" Slotted Handguard listed at $55 - only it was cracked at the very extreme rear when being yanked off the rifle prior to demill. Otherwise, it is "Like New" and fully functional in all aspects...


    Besides being less than half the price, consider:

       1. The crack (in the lower right corner, viewing the HG from the top, rifle barrel up) is non-functional - it is located on a part of the HG not subject to any particular stress - and it doesn't interfere at all with the functioning of the handguard, which fits the rifle just as if there was no crack;

      2. The crack is easily reparable - or can be left as-is with no deleterious impact on overall functioning of the firearm.

      3. The cracks vary a bit. Some are mere hairline cracks where the disassembler applied leverage under the right rear edge of the HG to quickly pop the HG off the rifle; others are thru-and-thru cracks. The cracks run from the rear edge of the HG to the metal HG clip - less than half an inch, usually less. The rest of the HG is sound and in "As New" condition.


    Quantity pricing avaiable. I'll try to get a few pics up when I have time.



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