US GI Korean War Web Slings, military grade!



     Yessir, it's not common knowledge that in the emergency of ramping up to fight the Big One, Uncle Sam caused web slings to be manufactured for all those 1903s, A3s, and Garands he was piling up!

     And when the Korean War came about, once again Uncle supplied web slings to GIs for their Garands.

     KW slings have the same small buckle with sharp corners which WW2 slings had, but the keepers were the late ones you see on most postwar GI web slings - ie, they are heavier metal and have a reinforcing rib across them.

     In addition, there are two variations to the web material: One is standard green web; the other is like a USMC belt material - with a weave showing vertical ribs, and tends toward brown/tan.

     If you want an authentic sling for your KW M1 Garand or that Springfield M1903A3, why not get an original one?

     This batch is typical "well-used", which I am calling "military grade" - slings which the Army would have no problem with them being mounted on a rifle. Comes with my "100 mile guarantee" - if your sling wears out before you march a 100 miles with it on your rifle, return it for replacment!

     If you tend to faint at the sight of spots of rust (sometimes, even more than "spots"), the sight of fraying at the edges, at signs of hard use on the battlefield, these slings are not for you. But they are fully seviceable.   

     And, who knows, you might just get one which is better than you expect. Maybe, much better! The odds beat the lottery!

      You can't lose out at this price for a genuine, Korean War, "veteran" of combat.

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