The Rifleman's 4MOA "Quick 'n Dirty" (QD) AQT - Qty of 50

PLEASE BE ADVISED: I am now retired, and it takes a minimum order of $50 in product to get me out of my easy chair. Lesser orders, unfortunately, get cancelled. Thanks! Fred

One of the most advanced rifle marksmanship training targets in the world! And here's why you need these targets:

"One accurate shot fired with deliberate precision is worth more than a hundred fired without control" - MAJ John Foster/Sniper Instructor/US Army/Vietnam

The major is conservative; a "deliberate precision" shot trumps thousands of "shots fired wthout control"...

Use these targets to get not only yourself, but also a friend to the skill level required to call yourself a rifleman. And I can guarantee: You DON'T want to be the only Rifleman on your block!

You married guys: Don't overlook that spouse whom you used to like to do things with. Both of you taking "the path to becoming a rifleman" could result in a re-kindling of that exciting relationship you once had! (Who'd thunk it? "Rifleman" targets as romance promoters...)

This target combines the 4 separate stages - Standing, Sitting, Prone Rapid, and Prone Slow - of the basic AQT on a single large sheet - just like the Appleseed "Quick 'n Dirty" AQT.

However, under the principle "aim small, miss small", the black/gray AQT silhouettes are replaced by the standard Appleseed 4MOA black aiming square superimposed over the scoring rings of the standard AQT which are rendered in a faint gray.

This target emphasizes the "Rifleman's Standard of Accuracy" - 4 MOA out to 500 yards, any position (man, is it tough, standing!).

Every square you put a round on is confirmation you are shooting to "rifleman standard" - why waste time on any other target? :)

For those of you who are familiar with the standard AQT, this target offers some advantages:


     1. The sight picture, unlike on the standard target, is always the same.

     2. Which means there is no need to either compensate for the descreasing size of the standard AQT silhouettes, or alternatively, make a sight adjustment. Hence, simplifying things - and in the process of learning to be a rifleman, "simplifying things" is good.

     3. No more complaints about "I can't see that small Stage 4 target" - since at every stage, the target is the same 4 MOA black square.

The bigger picture: In the battle for freedom, the battle against terrorism, should one ever come, you'll want to be on the front line and in the history books, able to shoot a rifle accurately - not in the rear, as a cook, stooped over a hot stove!

If things ever start poppin', there may be room up front for only those who can shoot.

The idea of the AQT, the Army Precision Combat Rifle Course, is to measure your current ability to shoot any rifle. Don't be in doubt, any longer. You need to know how well you can shoot, now. Then, even more importnat, use the AQT to learn to shoot better, with these targets measuring your progress.

With the 50 targets in this set, you get 50 opportunities to practice and master your rifleman skills at a low price.

For an even better deal, consider a quantity purchase.

The Rifleman's 4MOA "Quick 'n Dirty" (QD) AQT - Qty of 50
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