The "Quick 'n Dirty" (QD) AQT - Qty of 50


PLEASE NOTE: MINIMUM order is $50, exclusive of shipping. Orders for less than $50 are cancelled.


This target combines the 4 separate stages of the basic AQT on one large sheet. It's the target used at Appleseeds around the country.

Because all the stages are on one sheet of paper, you get 50 opportunities to practice and master your rifleman skills at a low price.

For an even better deal, consider the "Target Combo" - which combines this item with the basic AQT targets and Fred's "Guide to Becoming a Rifleman" for a super sweet deal.

Consider: In WW1, it took 7,000 rounds to produce ONE enemy casualty;


     In WW2, it took 25,000 rounds;


     In Korea, it took 50,000 rounds'


     In Vietnam, it took 200,000 - pounds, not rounds! - to produce ONE enemy casualty.

     We - Americans - can do better than that - right?

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