The Classification AQT

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This is the AQT - Lite! The green "Classification AQT" takes only 8 rounds to find out how well you can shoot a rifle! In two minutes or less! And a great recruiting tool! Who can resist the offer of a free target, and finding out what his shooting skills are in only 8 rds? Leave some up at the range after you leave, to sucker someone in after you are gone. Give these babies to your friends - you get 100 for $11, so you can hand them out like peanuts! You can get an even better handle on skills by shooting the 20-rd version. A versatile tool for recruiting people, for sharpening their skills, for motivating them, for sucking them into the soft war! If you are tired of what you see in America today, buy these, and start to do something about it!

This is the "Green AQT" used at Appleseeds as a prelim to firing the AQT. It is a very flexible target - you can fire a quick 8-rd course, a 20-round course, or even a full 40 round AQT course of fire, on it.

The Classification AQT
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