SCARCE! US GI M1 Garand Rifle Stock, BIRCH, Gr 2

By the time Uncle tumbled to the fact that birch was a better wood for rifle stocks than walnut - being 20% stronger and less subject to cracking - not only was WW2 over, so was the Korean War, so M1 Birch stocks are not near as common as walnut ones.

In fact, in the lot of M1 stocks we acquired, only a handfull were birch. The military loved birch, especially for color guard stocks, sanding them down smooth to get that "light" color, which they then applied a high-gloss finish to.Now's your chance to have one of your own! These are the Garand-thick-in-the-pistol-grip stocks, the equivalent of the M14 "Big Red" stocks. Super strong, super durable!

Well-used BIRCH Garand stock with metal - buttplate, ferule, etc - all in super Gr 2 well-used condition. You will definitely want to refinish this stock, with our free directions! Scratches, dings, even sometimes some gouges which will need filling in - a great exercise in a stock refinishing challenge. On the plus side, I'm told the metal is worth the price! Sorry, no handguards in stock.

SCARCE! US GI M1 Garand Rifle Stock, BIRCH, Gr 2
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