RARE! M14E2 Walnut Rifle Stock, Used, Select!

ALERT! CONDITION UPGRADE ON THIS ITEM! These stocks have been selected and lightly cleaned to approach a solid EXC - or better - grade. They will look nice "as-is", altho you picky guys can add a bit of effort and get them looking even nicer!

Having finally gone thru our stock of E2s, we found some in better condition. In the course of doing a "light cleaning" of each stock, I believe we have enough in the "Very Good or better" category to begin sending them out.

So, if you order one of these, you should get an E2 which shows some honest use in military service - dings, maybe a small repair done competently - but grades Very Good-EXC.

We also found a few in Excellent-As New - if you have an interest in one of those, please choose the condition upgrade and indicate whether you want one (we have a FEW)  we've had refinished to As-New, or whether you want an original non-refinished which will grade out to near EXC or better. We can also supply E2s in Birch, if that is your preference!

The M14E2 stock is the dream of every M1A owner who is into shooting his rifle.

The entire rationale behind the stock is to tame the recoil of the M14 rilfe.

E2 stocks are very hard to find in any condition, especially with all the metal.

Our stocks came directly from Uncle Sam some time ago, and each and every one exhibits authentic and typical military use. They are the real thing! They will have dings, bumps, repairs, etc - all picked up in acutal military service. At the very least, you're likely to want to cleam them up a bit, even if you don't do major refinishing. (NOTE: We recently went thru and gave each stock a light cleaning.)

We are currently sold-out of our "Grade 2 Walnut E2 stocks", so I am listing a higher grade - let's call it "Grade 1 and 1/2" - walnut E2s which show use, but don't seem to have had the same hard use as those in the "Grade 2" category.


 Last year, a set of just the metal went on ebay for over 800 bucks!

At this price, you are paying for the metal, and the stock is almost free!

The GI Walnut E2 stocks were first to be issued, first to be used, first to be overhauled and refinished - so it's rare to find one with original markings of any kind. Likewise, the ones in this category, while not showing the same heavy use as the Grade 2 E2s, may show repairs - brass pins, sometimes wood insert repairs, glued cracks, etc. All are as sound as they come - and have the original GI metal. The original buttpads sometimes deteriorated, so when that happens, we've replaced it with a buttpad using modern materials which should last generations - and used the original metal reinforcement plate for the original GI buttpad, so you're getting as close to the original article as possible.

"Grade 1 1/2" walnut E2s are near the top of the pile, grading-wise - as you might guess. They will show use, have small chips, scratches, repairs, maybe even a small gouge or two - but in most cases, can be lightly refinished to a quite presentable condition (we supply refinishing instructions). Or leave as-is for a stock you don't worry much about picking up a few dings at the range or in the outdoors. If you simply want a real GI M14E2 stock, one which may have seen use in Vietnam, one which may well have come back from "over there", please call to check availability and pricing.

In the process of cleaning 'em up, some turned out to be almost unissued, or refinished by Uncle Sam to "As New", so I offer the option for one of these rare beauties - but I only found a few, so quantity is definitely LIMITED.

The value in these stocks, as most of you know, is in the metal. The metal of these stocks will be complete, functional, and serviceable, but there may be occasional rust, and usually finish wear on the metal. However, the front fold-down handgrip will fold down and lock and release just as it is supposed to, and the flipup on the buttpad will flip up as it is supposed to...

Uncle Sam was not kind to these stocks. They were stored in a loose pile, and the original buttpads (most of them) melted, so that most stocks have traces at least of black stain which, some purchasers have told me, can be gotten off, if you're willing to put in the time and effort.

 These stocks are mostly as they have come from Uncle, except that where the buttpad is missing, a repro using modern rubber compound has be installed.

 Being original, some of the walnut stocks show field modifications to the foreend to reinforce same; evidently the original design allowed the front swivel assembly to pull right thru the wood under extreme conditons., so a backing plate was eventually developed. A few of the stocks do NOT have the modification; all the birch stocks have the backing plate as standard. 

ALL the walnut stocks seen to date are marked "S.A." - made by the original government Springfield Armory - under the rear buttpad.

 A very scarce item, and you're unlikely to see one in the future...so get one now, while you can!

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