NEW! Presentation-grade Synthetic M14 Stocks - $225!

 Note: These stocks are in VERY short supply, and we can run out unexpectedly - but we will fill orders as long as the stocks hold out!

    Yessir, even "as new", unissued stocks pick up dings and scrapes in the demil process. You have to go thru a lot of stocks to find one which escaped with very mimimal signs of that process.

    So it takes time - to sort, to find, to pick. But if you are a picky person, if you want something which is the nearest thing to perfect, unissued, original-as-made condition, chose the "presentation grade" synthetic. And here's your chance to get something special - 50+ years old, but looking like "sweet sixteen"!

     The synthetic stock was the stock originally intended for the M14 - stronger than wood, waterproof. But technical issues in developing a suitable synthetic meant the traditional wood stock was the issue stock until way late in the short career of the M14. Synthetic means tighter tolerances in manufacture. Which means tighter fit. Which translates to greater accuracy. Synthetic also means incredible toughness. Resistance to wear and tear. I doubt you'll ever need another M14 Stock again, with one of these babies. Military brown. Not perfect - few stocks, if any, left the manufacturing process "perfect" - but as near as you can get to the original pristine condition.  Complete - naturally - with the original M14 buttplate taken off the wood stock and placed on the synthetic stock as it was mounted on the rifle.

     Every stock at Freds goes thru a "double grading" process. First, as it comes from the shipping box, it is sorted and put with other stocks of a similar grade. Second, as it's time to ship, the stock is graded a second time to ensure the intial grading was correct.


     NOTE: These synthetic stocks were mounted on M14s, replacing the original wood stocks. They appear to have never been used, once on the rifle. The stocks come with the original buttplate transferred over from the wood stock. These buttplates, while completely intact and functional, will show typical use during the period they were on the wood stock...

NEW! Presentation-grade Synthetic M14 Stocks - $225!
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