"Music on the March", Fife & Drum Musik

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It is hard to recreate the image of long-ago times, but much easier to recreate the sounds of those times, and thisunique CD comes out of North Carolina and will carry you right back to Civil War days (altho some titles go back to the Revolution!). A nice gift for that Satanic-music-loving niece or nephew or - heaven forbid - son or daughter. Or, if you do not want them hanging around you, play this CD, and keep it playing. They will find something to do elsewhere... So be an American, and enjoy your martial military heritage with these authentic sounds of the battlefield of the second American Revolution - the Civil War, the War Between the States, the "late unpleasantness", the War for Southern Indpendence, the Rebellion, etc.

Thanks to the Fifes and Drums of the 26th N.C. Reg't (Reactivated)


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