M14 Walnut Rifle Stock,Presentation, H&R!


Where can you go to find an original US GI M14 rifle stock manufactured over 50 years ago - and looking brand new unissued?

H&R made some of the most beautiful walnut GI stocks as you'll find. Early production was noticeably thicker in the grip - think those late birch stocks on M1 Garands - and, oddly, the holes bored for the cleaning kit often did not line up with the buttplate, meaning to access the kit, you had to remove the buttplate!

Yessir, made from walnut you could get in quantity 60 years ago, but apparently no longer.

Beautiful almost civilian wood finish which marked early production.

Never issued, this stock will grade "as new" - as new as the day it came out of the original box  - so what you get is an As New M14 Rifle Stock, nearly 50 years old, with all As New metal...storage blemishes, if any, so small you'll have to look for them.

EXTREMELY short supply. Available for a limited time, until our small supply is exhausted.

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