M14 Rifle Bandoleers, Mint and Unissued!

PLEASE BE ADVISED: I am now retired, and it takes a minimum order of $50 in product to get me out of my easy chair. Lesser orders, unfortunately, get cancelled. Thanks! Fred

An original M14 Rifle 6-pckt Bandoleer from the Vietnam era, mint and unissued!

THIS IS THE BANDOLEER, ONLY! The picture shows how it looks, just like the ones in the complete M14 Repack Kits we sell!

With each pocket capable of holding 10 rounds, each bandoleer carries the equivalent of three M14 mag's worth of ammo.

Please note the quantity pricing!

Remember, each .308 round carries as much energy at 500 yards as a .223 does at the muzzle. At 300 yards, puching thru car doors is a cinch (if you were to ever need to...).

M14 Rifle Bandoleers, Mint and Unissued!
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