M14 Birch Rifle Stock, Presentation-grade


Imagine. A genuine US-made M14 rifle stock, 60+/- years old, and looking like it just came off the original M14 production line - yesterday!


Not only is birch a better wood for a rifle stock - being less subject to age-cracking, more resistant to dings, and on top of that about 20% stronger than walnut - but birch is a more 'showier' stock. Walnut can look good, no doubt about it. Birch, however, can often look better, ranging from a golden yellow-orange to a medium to dark brown close to walnut in coloration.

Birch has a very fine grain, but sometimes the grain varies in density which absorbs stain at varying rates, resulting in "tiger" stripes or other interesting patterns.

All-in-all, a good choice for the descerning M14 owner on the basis of both utility and appearance!

Note: These stocks appear unissued, in like-new condition. Prob no M14 stock was ever perfect, even when new, but you will have to look to see any minor dings from storage, etc.

  • Item #: STB002
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Price $265.00