M1 Carbine Bandoleer. Mint and Unissued


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As near mint as you can get, from the old ammo demill program of some years ago. This is the six-pocket US GI bandoleer, each pocket holding 20 M1 carbine rounds.

Dates are generally in the 1960s, but I have seen a few in the 1950s...

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     "Mint and unissued"? Yes, these came out of the ammo demil program some years back, and they will be wrinkled - some more, some less.


     In addition, some will show the original lot stamping "X"ed out and a new lot number stamping imprinted. I assume, since these came from the factory, that often they printed out more bandos than they needed for a lot, and simply "X"ed and restamped for the next lot...

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