[July 2018] For you first-time visitors to this site, I have recently "retired" after selling M14 rifle stocks for 25 years via large ads in Shotgun News (now, Firearms News). I still have lots of stuff, as you will see on this site. And the most important: here at Freds, you will find all the ingredients needed to take you from being a rifle owner to something FAR better: A Rifleman - a man (or woman) skilled with a rifle, able to hit man-sized military surplus targets out to 500 yards!  Better yet, take a friend, relative, or neighbor with you on the journey to Becoming a Rifleman. This country needs more riflemen. We need to keep the heritage alive. Right?

While here, please look over our stock of targets, manuals, slings, ammo repack kits, books and CDs. You'll be glad you did! [Those E2 stocks will be coming, in the future, along with some "premo" regular M14 rifle stocks!]

By the way, please note that we ship UPS, which is fast and safe, but not very friendly in rates on small items, so if you order less that 5 pounds, you'll probably pay about what it would take to ship 5 pounds. Sorry, that's just the way their system works...


[June 2018] Hmmmm, seems a  lot of time has passed since this has been updated, and much has happened. Ms. Fred passed away, Treelinem14.com now has the bulk of my remaining inventory of M14 stocks, and I've officially [semi-] retired. Despite my good intentions, I was not able to fill orders made before the Sept 2016 cutoff date for M14 stocks. Apologies to all. I will be listing M14E2 stocks in the coming months, along with some specially-selected high-grade M14 standard stocks. I continue to have inventory of M60 ammo pouches, M14 ammo repacks, M1 carbine ammo repacks, and a complete line of M14 "Learn to be a Rifleman" targets, along with "Fred's Guide to Becoming a Rifleman", something you really shouldn't be without. And, while on the site, take a look at the books, manuals, and CDs available. Thanks, all!

Now it's 8 Nov [2016], and I'm on my way to vote. But it's past time to reconsider the name "Fred's Military M14 Rifle Stocks" as our emphasis in the future will be on high-grade M14 stocks - including M14E2s - along with Fred's Guide to Becoming a Rifleman, along with targets, manuals, and the several books we stock. By the way, if you are one of the lucky "back orders", you'll need to call me (336 465 8178) as your CC info has long expired from our system (read, "disappeared"). If you want your order, you'll need to call me with you CC info, which I can then run manually. There is a good side to this: I should be able to ship it in a couple of days (assuming it's not a "tiger" - there is still a 'wait' on those).

Now it's October, and I hope things are starting to settle down a bit. I'm still working off a big backlog of back orders, so your continued patience is appreciated. Orders for the items I am still selling - targets, Fred's Guide to Becoming a Rifleman, M14 manuals, M14 parts, etc - will ship pretty quickly, as a rule.

OK, Guys! It's now 5:03 PM EST, Friday, Sept 23rd, and the order window at Fred's for M14 stocks, handguards, and cleaning kits is closed! Please if you need a stock, handguards, or cleaning kits, go here:http://treelinem14.com/Freds-M14-Stocks_c41.htm



More Breaking News: A late surge in orders will mean a slow-down in shipping, so please be patient. And please understand that ANY order made before 5 PM Eastern on Friday,  Sept 23rd WILL BE SHIPPED. It may take an extra week, or even more, but it WILL BE SHIPPED. Thanks for all your support over the past decades!

Breaking news, and an announcement:

    I have sold most of my M14 stock inventory, and most of the M14 handguards, along with M14 cleaning kits, to Treeline Enterprises of Denver, Colorado.

     Effective Friday, Sept 23rd 2016 at 5:01 PM Eastern, all orders for M14 stocks, handguards and cleaning kits formerly listed on my site should be made thru treelinem14.com. Any orders placed BEFORE 5:01 PM Eastern on Friday, Sept 23 for any items listed on my site will be filled as usual by me.

    I’m delighted that my good friend Randy at Treeline Enterprises winds up with this unique collection of original US GI M14 rifle stocks, an event which incidentally sets me up for more free time – maybe even a partial retirement. Randy, like me, is an M14 aficionado who appreciates the history and heritage represented by this unique collection of original US GI M14 rifle stocks and associated gear…   




   I hope you will understand and appreciate that this is a long-sought and looked-for opportunity for me to do some things I’d like to do…

    I will be working to catch up on 300+ back orders…some of which are more than a year old.

   I want to thank all my customers for their business, their patience, and, often times, their support. I plan to be around on this stie for a good while yet, listing manuals, targets, “Fred’s  Guide to Becoming a Rifleman” (do you have your copy?), M14 repacks, Garand clips, M1 Carbine repacks, and a select few M14 collector stocks...

     Meantime, support rifle marksmanship by attending Project Appleseed (rwva.org). Try your best to take a friend or family member with you. Why be the only Rifleman on your block? (You don’t want to be; trust me!)

Welcome to Fred's Military M14 Rifle Stocks. Please be aware that since my retirement I am limited in the number of orders I can ship (about six a day). Your order could ship in a day or two, or if things get bogged down, it could take weeks. It's always a good idea to call and check on your order if a week goes by and you have not seen an email with a tracking number to show it's been shipped. Also don't forget that I don't have time to ship orders under $50, and, for those who forget, those orders regretfully will be cancelled. (If you have trouble reaching that $50, I suggest you check out the AQT targets and the "Guide to Becoming a Rifleman" [Item # AQT08]- a bargain at any price...)

    Also, having reached the ancient age of the "absent-minded professor", please don't expect me to remember you or your order - assume I don't! - even if you called just the day before. That, along with a slowing ability to work 7-day weeks and 12-hour days (hence, the semiretirement), it's simply one of the limitations involved in ignoring that old and worthy advice to "never get old". Patience is the key, along with an understanding that we share a mission: To get your order to you! Thanks for your help and understanding...


We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. We are still "finding things" in the warehouse, including rare and collectible items, so be sure to visit again in the near future. We invite you to create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store. Please understand, if you order a stock, that all stocks are hand-picked, and can take a while. Typical shipping times average 4-5 days on stocks, but can be longer - or shorter. Targets and other items such as books usually ship faster.

 While you're here, let me take a moment to plug Project Appleseed (appleseedinfo.org). If you believe (as I do) that the future of this country looks bleak, that we are all on the deck of a sinking ship, you may want to visit Project Appleseed to see what some folks are doing about it. Worse outcome is that you attend, and learn how to shoot like a rifleman of old... Best outcome is that you attend, catch the fire, and start making your neighborhood into an "Appleseed community" - your future would look a lot better, if you did.

While our inventory of M14 stocks continues to shrink (we're now about 30,000, having started with 125-150,000), we plan to continue to offer accurately-described and reasonably-priced stocks until the last one goes out the door. Ditto with our small inventory of original US GI M14E2 stocks.

Thank you for visiting.

Now, the fine print!

1. Please no orders for less that $50 +UPS. Small orders really eat up the time, and keep me from getting large orders out, plus they can eat you alive on shipping. Orders under $50 are cancelled; please, no hard feelings.

2. If shipping seems outrageous, see below. We readjust to actual shipping on the day your order ships.

3. Canadians: We do not ship outside the US; we can ship to any US address. Contact treelinem14.com for M14 stocks to Canada. Thanks!

4. Those of you who read Shotgun News know that I have been wanting to retire for some time. Selling GI M14 stocks is fun, but after 20 years of 7-day weeks, it's time to cut back. Still, my goal is to ship within 5 days if possible; if you don't recieve an email with a tracking # within five days of your order, best to call (336 465 8178) or email as there's a problem of some kind about the order.

5. Please read the FAQs below; they will answer your questions.

NOTE: Minimum order $50 - any orders under $50 will be canceled and will not be shipped.


Please be aware the shipping quoted on your order is an estimate; actual shipping is determined at the time your order is ready to ship and your shipping is adjusted to reflect actual shipping. In most cases where an adjustment is needed, it is downward; in a few cases, it could be adjusted upward - you'll receive an email in either case, advising of the change. It is reported that shipping sometimes is outrageous - $350 in one instance - if it happens with you, simply ignore it, and place your order, and we'll take care of it, this end. Shipping for a single stock usually is $10-18, depending on your distance from NC. We use UPS for shipping, which is both bad and good. Good, because they have a good record of getting things to people. Bad, because their minimum charge is usually ten bucks or more - which means if you want to order the minimum, shipping will be large in relation. Please keep that in mind when building your order...

All items are FOB Fred's warehouse in North Carolina. Items are often in short supply. Items are subject to prior sale. Prices and descriptions are subject to change without notice. If an item goes "out of stock" AFTER you have placed your order, we will endeavor to fill the order, but cannot guarantee that it will be filled. NC sales are subject to NC sales tax.

Since we ship UPS, please make sure you enter a STREET ADDRESS as your "ship to" address.


Please keep in mind that EVERY stock is hand-picked, and it can take time. Add in things like snow, an unheated (cold or extremely hot) warehouse, etc, and orders can sometimes take longer than a week - altho we work hard to ship things in a week or less. Please do not hesitate to call if you do not get an email within 5 days advising you of your tracking number.

Please note that each stock is hand-picked, so that sometimes orders are delayed to find the right stock. We do not charge until the stock is ready to ship, and the day we ship you will get an email with the tracking number. Quantities are sometimes limited; we usually, but not always, allow backorders.




Fred, are these M14 stocks "drop in" replacements for M1As? Ans. In most cases, "yes". Even Uncle had issues swapping stocks around, so sometimes a little fiddling is needed. Just in case, we supply directions in case you have a problem (but you won't).

Fred, do your stocks come with all the metal - the ferrule, front swivel, liner, rear swivel, and buttplate? Ans. Yes, unless otherwise specified in the description, the stocks come with all the metal. Synthetics of course do not have the metal stock liner which wood stocks need for reinforcement, and the metal ferrule is there, even if it is invisible under the finish coating put on the synthetic stock.

Fred, do handguards come with the stock? Ans. No, handguards are considered a separate item.

Fred, do the handguards come with clips? Ans. Unless otherwise stated, "yes".

Fred, when is my CC charged? Ans. Your card is charged at the same time the order is processed for shipping - so that you will get an email with a tracking number at the same time the charge is placed. The "charge" which appears when you place your order is merely the CC company setting aside funds to pay for the order in the form of an "authorization". The actual "charging" is done this end at the time of shipment.

Fred, how long will it take to get my stock? Ans. It varies. We try to ship within a few days, but depending on availability, it may take longer. As stated, every stock is hand-selected at no extra charge, so it sometimes takes time to find the "right" stock for an order. At any rate, you will get an email with tracking number so you know when it ships, and can track its progress.

Fred, why can't I order by phone! Ans. You can. But it will delay your order, and sometimes your order, this being a warehouse, and your order a piece of paper (not safely lodged on our computer) is subject to a high probability of getting lost.

Fred, I'm worried about my CC on the 'net. Can I simply make the order, and call in my CC# to you? Ans. You can. But the website is so secure that here at this end, when you enter your CC, we never see the actual number! We simply click "submit order" to charge your card. I'm thinking that's secure! The more you keep your order simple and "in the mainstream", the faster it will ship - because the less we have to fuss with it at this end. Besides, sometimes you forget to follow up and actually call the number in. Then we have to write it down, it gets lost (that "piece of paper" again! GRRRRR...), and etc, etc. And, why would you want me to have your CC?

Fred, how come the website price is different from the SGN ad? Ans. Because prices sometimes change due to supply and demand, and because SGN has a 30-day lead time for any changes. Most of our prices have stayed the same over the years. Most of them. Mostly price changes occur as our inventory dips on certain items.

Fred, why did I have to way more than a month for my order, while my friend got his in less than a week? Ans. Hmmm, your friend must have ordered "something easy" to find and ship - and you ordered something harder to find which takes more time. "Easy items" usually are picked and ship first, just because we are trying hard to keep the backlog of orders whittled down as far as possible. Likely, that is the explanation. But, sometimes an order - it's a piece of paper - gets lost in the warehouse - falls behind something, for example. So if you don't get an email with a tracking# within 5 days, don't hesitate to contact us and ask "where is my order?"

Fred, Can you match me up with a nice matching color handguard for the synthetic stock I ordered earlier today? Thanx Ans. Uncle Sam viewed M14 rifles as implements of war, not as objects of fashion, so you will not find any GI handguard which will color-match a GI M14 synthetic stock. In fact, I haven't found any color to match the stock - and neither did Uncle Sam, as when he refinished synthetics they are painted a slightly different shade of brown...Likewise, there was never any attempt to "color match" handguards to stocks. It's simply not feasible.


Please call 336 465 8178 with your comments and suggestions.



Update [Jan 8, 2016]: Progress continues on getting items sorted and organized after the recent move. I hope to be able to offer some E2 stocks in the coming months. Please note that we use UPS to ship - which means small/lightweight orders are expensive relative to the item - a $12 cleaning kit would cost about $15-16 to ship (but the plus side is they are VERY reliable in getting your stuff to you); which is one reason we have a new minimum order of $50. The other reason is that I am trying to cut back on work and become at least "semi-retired", allowing me to take off at least one weekend a month (maybe), and the small orders unfortunately take up as much time as the larger ones. Hence, please don't get miffed if you want to make a small order; it's nothing personal, I assure you. Thanks to all for patience with delayed orders in this transitional period. Again, if your order is over a week old, and you haven't received an email with a tracking number, a phone call to 336 465 8178 will usually get results. Thanks, all!

Update [Sept 26]: Finally back in town, and expect to resume shipments in two days (Monday). If you call with your order number, I'll try to ship it in a few days; otherwise, I will be working on a HUGE backlog of orders for the next few weeks. I will ship any orders made in the future as they come in. Thanks, all!

Update [Aug 21]: Today is the day I leave for the extended trip which I wish was a vacation - but it is not. There will be people working at the warehouse, but they will not be shipping orders. I will return in ten days to three weeks, and will announce here that orders are resuming shipping. Thanks, all!

Update [Aug 11]: I'm pretty up-to-date on current orders, which usually ship in a day or two ("tiger" orders take a much longer time, and sometimes orders get caught up in "the other word", so if you don't get an email with a tracking number, indicating shipment, a few days after you order, please call to find out what's going on with your order. 336 465 8178

    NOTE: I will be in and out of town from the last week of Aug to about the middle of Sept, so there will be longer "wait" times. If you are not prepared for a multi-week "wait", please refrain from ordering until after Sept 15. Thanks! BTW, if you do order during that time frame, your CC will be charged upon order placement. Sorry, I can do nothing about that - it's the way the system works...however, if you later decide to cancel, no problem - I can refund once back in town...

Update [May 11]: I still have nearly 200 back orders I'm slowly whittling down, but current orders are generally shipping in a day or two, with tracking number emailed out to you. If you are one of those "200 back orders" take a page from the guy who called today about an order from last Sept(!) - and it ships out - today! It stands to reason: The squeaky wheel gets not only the grease but put on the front burner - and I appreciate very much your help via either an email or a phone call (336 465 8178) in reminding me you still want your order! And NEVER get discouraged. If the first email is "ignored" (it really isn't, it's just that something else comes up...), then send a second with "SECOND REQUEST" in the subject line. Someone taught me that long ago - and it works.

    Progress in organizing the warehouse continues, and will continue for some months, but I can already see progress in being able to locate things more quickly, a key element in shipping orders fast. I will also be adding more inventory as things pop up which have been "lost in the warehouse" for a decade or two. There's liable to be some intriging stuff, for sure. So stay tuned...

Update [April 12]: A lot of progress made, with most items in the new warehouse slowly getting sorted, located, and ready to ship. "Tiger" stock are so hard to pick that I expect they will always be slow to ship, but I think most other items should ship pretty quick. I actually had an order come in Sat night for two HTF stocks - and the buyer had an email with a UPS tracking # in his mailbox within an hour! I wish I could do that, all the time! Meantime, if your order is getting "old", please don't hesitate to call - it does work - even if sometimes it takes more than one call. NO problem this end when you call - I appreciate the help! :)


Update [March 14]: The "move" is complete in that all items have been transferred to the new location; however, some months of sorting and organizing lie in front of being "done". The good news is that I am shipping most current orders in a day or two - unless there is some item which has disappeared during the move, and needs to be searched out. I am also trying to catch up on past orders. You guys who are calling in [336 465 8178] about them are helping in that regard - thanks! (If you call in, you dramatically up the chances of your order shipping in mere days. Again, I focus on 'active' order first - and your phone call 'activates' your order - moves it up near the head of the line!)


Update [Feb 12]: Countdown to the last days in the old warehouse! Prepping the last 4 loads for the 26-foot rental truck. If your oder has been hanging around a while, and you want to get it moved up in the queue, best to call me on our new phone number: 336 465 8178

     Starting next week, I should be able to start catching up - a call will likely move your order to near the head of the line for shipment next week.

Update [Feb 2]: I'm shipping out orders a lot faster, working on keeping up to speed on the new orders, and working on older orders as I can. If you have been waiting a long time, an email can help move things faster, even if I don't often have time to respond to the email. I read it, then put your order up ahead on the list, as it's confirmed that you still want it. I'm working on a backlog of over 200 orders - and nearly every one of them involves hand-select, so your continued patience is much appreciated. Plus, I have the looming "move out" date of Feb 15, a task which MUST BE comleted!

Update [Jan 15]: About 50%, maybe a little more, of the main warehouse has been moved (the auxiliary warehouse has already been emptied), and we are starting to organize the new warehouse, and will be shipping from there in mere days. We are slowly picking up the pace on shipping items. I am trying to ship recent orders to 'clear the decks' and older orders about which people have contacted us. Please continue to be patient: If you have contacted us about your order, I hope to be able to ship it within the next couple of weeks or sooner.


Update [Dec 22]: Just finished the first warehouse; made a good start on moving the second. Orders are still backing up, and I'm sorry that I haven't made more progress in shipping them out. If you have been emailing about your order, I will try to get hacking away at the backlog in the next few weeks. It is possible that the next warehouse will be completed by Feb 14, and I will be back to a full shipping schedule. Your patience is greatly appreciated! (There is a real plus to all this: I am finding stuff that I needed to find, and once in the new warehouse, efficiency should be greatly improved. So much so, that I am considering a "caught up" deadline of March 31 on ALL orders.)

Update [Oct 27]: One warehouse is almost completely cleaned out and the contents relocated to the new warehouse. That's the good news! The bad news is there's still one more warehouse to clean out. I have all this week "off" - I will not be moving anything - to try and catch up on orders. If you have contacted us in the last 30 days about your order, I will TRY to get it out this week. If more than 30 days has passed since you contacted us, you might speed us up a bit with a second email reminder. Thanks to all for your patience. This is, has been, and will be a very trying situation until the contents of the second warehouse (actually, the main warehouse) are moved, sorted and restacked in the new warehouse. I am certainly looking forward to it!


Update [Sept 15]: The deadline for clearing one warehouse is Sept 30, so I will be "out of office" much of the time until that deadline is met. I am still trying to ship orders from over the summer, as well as currently. If you have "waited long enough", be kind enough to send a contact request and I'll try to move your order up the ranks a bit. Next Deadline, to clear the 2nd warehouse: Dec 31. Anyone care to volunteer to help? You'll see interesting sights, handle interesting things, and maybe come to appreciate the 'inside' of selling stuff. :)

Update [Aug 28, 2015]: The "time off" mentioned below was not exactly a vacation, but the start of moving to a larger location. My guess is I have about 200,000 lbs in M14 stocks alone to move, plus thousands of pounds of targets, handguards, etc. So your patience is appreciated. I will be shipping some orders over the next days; you'll be getting an email with tracking when your order ships. If you no longer want your order made some time ago, please contact - it's no trouble to cancel an order.If you're "tired of waiting" and want me to move your order up, I can do that, in many instances - simply let me know...

Notice: I will be taking some time off from July 1 to Sept 10, so it would be appreciated if you could hold off ordering after June 30 and before Sept 10 or thereabouts. Orders made before July 1 I will make an attempt to get out shortly thereafter, but can make no promises, so if you order, please be prepared to be patient. Thanks!

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    RARE! NAVY M1 Garand Ammo Repack US GI M1 Garand Rifle Stock, Walnut, Gr 2
    RARE! NAVY M1 Garand Ammo RepackUS GI M1 Garand Rifle Stock, Walnut, Gr 2"Crossbows: Tunes from the second American War of Independence"


    Well-used walnut Garand stock with metal - buttplate, ferule, etc - all in super Gr 2 well-used condition.

    You may have never have heard music like this, based on music developed for early battlefields as a means of transmitting orders, then into tunes for marching and entertainment. This CD comes out of Texas, and contains Civil War music dating back...




    "Hits Count!" Redcoat 25m Targets, bundle of 100 10-rd M16 Stripper Clips, EXC-As New, 5/$1 25M Army Qualification Test (AQT) Targets, Ten Sets w/ Guide
    "Hits Count!" Redcoat 25m Targets, bundle of 10010-rd M16 Stripper Clips, EXC-As New, 5/$125M Army Qualification Test (AQT) Targets, Ten Sets w/ Guide

     This target is the same unique target fired at the beginning and end of each Appleseed day - it answers a question most people never thought to ask, "How far off am I effective with my rifle?"

    From the big ammo demil program of some years ago come these 10-rd M16 stripper clips, essentially unissued.

    Quantity priced to save you money!

    This is the way any Rifleman will get started, and the way he or she will measure progress toward becoming a Rifleman, as well as confirming skill retention. Find out whether you are a rifleman - or a cook. Shoot this Army course through at 25...




    Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer) - Low as .75 ea in quantity! Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), quantity of 100 for $65! Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), quantity of 20 for $20
    Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer) - Low as .75 ea in quantity!Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), quantity of 100 for $65!Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), quantity of 20 for $20

    Unissued US GI cotton pouch with carry strap - use it to carry up to 5 M14 mags. Has the cardboard box/liner. Most dated 1961...

    100 unissued M60 bandoleers suitable for many uses, including carry of M14 mags...

    Twenty M60 pouches suitable for many range uses - empty brass, empty mags, etc. Each has a carrying strap. Uniussed.




    Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), quantity of 50 for $50 Boston's Gun Bible
    Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), quantity of 50 for $50Boston's Gun BibleFred's SGN Columns

     Unissued, with cardboard box and carrying strap.

    Over 800 pages of info on choosing a battle rifle, cartridge, tactics, even how to shop a gun show.

    The collected first four years of my columns in SGN (1199-2002) which track the development of the "rifleman" concept...




    Now, the fine print! We do not ship outside the US. We do not ship stocks to Canada, because Canadian customs has been arbitrarily turning stocks back at the border(!); we can ship to any US address. NOTE: Please be aware that the shipping quoted on your order is an estimate; the actual shipping is determined at the time your order is ready to ship and your shipping is adjusted to reflect actual shipping. In most cases where an adjustment is needed, it is downward; in a few cases, it is adjusted upward - you'll receive an email in either case, advising of the change.

    Please note that each stock is hand-picked, so that sometimes orders are delayed to find the right stock. We usually do not charge until the stock is ready to ship, and the day we ship you will get an email with the tracking number. Quantities are sometimes limited; we usually, but not always, allow backorders.

    Please call 336 465 8178 with your comments and suggestions.