"Hits Count!" Redcoat 25m Targets, bundle of 100

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This target is the same unique target fired at the beginning and end of each Appleseed day - it answers a question most people never thought to ask: "How far off am I effective with my rifle?" Is the answer "400 yards"? Is it "300"? Is it "200"? Is it (gulp!) "100"? Or "none of the above"? [Statistics collected at Appleseeds show that roughly 80% of shooters firing this target the first time are at "100" - or "less than 100"!]

Best of all, it takes only 60 seconds and 13 rounds to fire! Get a bundle or two today, and hand 'em out like hotcakes to your friends, co-workers, neighbors, relatives - everyone you know! They come, scoffing, and leave, with a considerably shaken, but much more realistic, idea of how well they can shoot. How about you? Ready to take the challenge? Ready to see how well - YOU can do?

"Hits Count!" Redcoat 25m Targets, bundle of 100
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