Fred's "Guide to Becoming a Rifleman"

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On the stage of world history, the man or woman who can control everything in a radius of 500 yards or more is the man or woman who will count. (Women usually learn to shoot to Rifleman standards faster than men. It's true - as proved hundreds and thousands of times on the Appleseed Trail. I've been there to see for myself!)

Fred wrote the manual on becoming a rifleman, by mastering the AQT (Army Qualification Test). Having fired it hundreds of times, centerfire, both at the standard 25 meters (82 ft) and at actual distance (100 to 400 yards), he's happy to write the manual giving you all the tips for helping you master it, and in the process, starting on the journey to becoming a rifleman.

Fred then refined the learning process by teaching hundreds of Appleseed events, from sea to shinning sea, to thousands of men and women, from age 8 to age 88.

But being a rifleman is more than being an expert marksman, so you'll find those other important aspects of being a rifleman are not neglected in the Guide. Read about the heritage of the rifleman, which begins right there, on April 19th, 1775 with the first shots of the Revolution. (The only one that counts - the American one!)

Includes ten sets of the complete AQT (ten times up at bat!), plus all the other targets used in the Appleseed program: one each of the unique-to-Appleseed "sighter squares", six of the "Greencoats", and six of the "Redcoats".

A sure-fire way to get yourself started on a path you need to get started on! But once you start on that path, resolve to continue, until you can call yourself "Rifleman" - with pride, and the certain knowledge that you are immershing yourself in a tradition which began long ago, in the Revolutionary War...and by participating in that tradition, you are making it stronger. Be sure to get others into being Riflemen, as well - neighbors, friends, relatives, co-workers, your doctor, your lawyer, the UPS delivery man - all can be, and should be, part of the great American tradition!

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