Boston's Gun Bible

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      A book which is almost unattainable today!

      You can find one listed as "Used, Good" at Amazon for $53.XX - otherwise "unavailable" - but not at Fred's, where we have them brand-new right out of the crate for $25.00, direct from the author, Boston T. Party!

      If you have ever met “Boston” (as I have), you’ve instantly understood: Here is a very serious and competent rifleman. If you’ve ever shot competitively with him (as I have), you quickly discover that he indeed “knows well what he is about”.

     And if you’ve ever seen this book, you’ll know it’s worth even the prices on Amazon. (After all, it could be a life-saver – and what’s your life worth?)

      Knowing the value this book has for any serious shooter, I bought a bunch of them, just so future rifleman would have the chance to own one. You need to get your copy now, while I still have them available.

      Incidentally, Boston’s first pick, early on, for “best battle rifle” was the FAL. He later revised that after a certain serious flaw in the rifle was pointed out, and selected the M1A/M14 for that accolade. (Yes, he credits Fred with pointing it out.) (FALers – not to worry. Your rifle is a fine battle rifle, and if you replace the bolt carrier with the heavy barrel carrier, you’ll have a rifle equal, in my opinion, to the M1A. And don’t flinch when you hear “FAL sights suck”. They don’t.)

       But even a good rifle is useless in hands without the skill to live up to its performance. Which is why Boston is strong on the notion “of acquiring the skill” and recommends Project Appleseed [] as a good way to get that skill.

       It’s still true: “Amateurs worry about hardware [guns and gadgets]; Professionals worry about software [skill].” If you own a battle rifle, you owe it to yourself to learn to shoot it so you hit the target – each time, every time.

     So you can see why this book is so sought-after! Much more than "guns", it covers self-defense of person and property, where and how to get training, how to acquire a battle rifle, which one(s) are best, even how to buy, sell, and trade guns.

      Prob the best part is an exhaustive survey of the best and worst rifles. The rifles that can get your killed; the rifles that can save your life. Along with a similar extensive evaluation of handguns.

     You'll enjoy his list of "guns to have" in the form of a "shopping list" of what to get!

     Now over 800 pages of info on choosing a battle rifle, cartridge, tactics, even how to shop a gun show. Adds a new chapter on becoming a rifleman.

     Understand. There’s shooters, and there’s riflemen. The difference is one can make the noise, but can’t be counted on to hit the target; the other can hit the target – out to 500 yards.

     Boston recommends a program started by Fred some years back: Project Appleseed.  A program which in one weekend can take you well on the path to being a 500-yard shooter.

      In fact, you can also order elsewhere on this site “Fred’s Guide to Becoming a Rifleman” which includes targets as well as instruction to take you along the path to being that 500-yard rifleman.

     BTW, see if you can count the number of times Project Appleseed is mentioned by Boston...

Boston's Gun Bible
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