Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), less cardboard - 100/$50!

PLEASE BE ADVISED: I am now retired, and it takes a minimum order of $50 in product to get me out of my easy chair. Lesser orders, unfortunately, get cancelled. Thanks! Fred

Straight from the Vietnam War!

Handy and collectible!

Unissued US GI cotton pouch with carry strap, originally used to hold a belt of 100 linked rounds for the M60 GPMG. A clear piece of history!

They appear mint.

But you can use it to carry up to 5 M14 mags. NO cardboard box/liner. Most of these are dated 1961 or later - almost fifty years old! But some are dated as late as the 1970s. Two will fit a GI .30 cal ammo can; three in a GI .50 cal can. A great way to organize your M14 mags for easy access/carry!

Some I've seen are "NATO 7.62MM/LINKED/1TRACER, M62/4 BALL M80/100 RDS/FUNC LOT RA L85059" (pouch dated on the back: "3 - 1960") and "7.62 MM NATO/LINKED/FRANGIBLE M160/100 RDS/LC-81LXXXXX" (dated on bottom "10/79")

Pouches are unissued, but are wrinkled from storage. A quick iron, and they'll be like new!

Nice quantity pricing, also!

Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), less cardboard - 100/$50!
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