25M Army Qualification Test (AQT) Targets, Ten Sets w/ Guide

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Great news! You wanna be a rifleman? To be able to control fate out to 500 yards or more in any direction?

You've come to the right place!

These targets and instructions are the way any Rifleman will get started, and the way he or she will measure progress toward becoming a Rifleman, as well as confirming skill retention.

Find out whether you are a rifleman - or a cook. Shoot this Army course through at 25 meters (82 ft) to determine your current shooting skill. Then read the free included Fred's "Guide to Becoming a Rifleman" (later, you'll agree, it's priceless!) to improve until you can shoot Rifleman scores. 

In the battle for freedom, the battle against terrorism, should one ever come, you'll want to be on the front line and in the history books, able to shoot a rifle accurately - not in the rear, as a cook, stooped over a hot stove!

If things ever start poppin', if zombies come out of the woodworks, if terrorists come to your town, there may be room up front for only those who can shoot.

Certainly those who can shoot accurately will be way ahead of the game...

The AQT, the Army Precision Combat Rifle Course, measures your current ability to shoot any rifle. Don't be in doubt, any longer. You need to know how well you can shoot, now. Then learn to shoot better, with these targets.

Because all the stages are on one sheet of paper, you get 50 opportunities to practice and master your rifleman skills at a low price.

For an even better deal, consider a quantity purchase.

 Sorting out the AQT [Army Qualification Test]: Anyone believing himself to be a rifleman ought to be able to shoot "Expert" or better on the AQT. Anyone wanting to learn to shoot like a rifleman should be using the AQT.

 The AQT is designed to do two things: Allow you to measure your current skill level; and allow you to measure your progress as you improve.

 It is also designed to do another important thing: Help you shoot better.

 It's a fact of life. "Use it or lose it." Works with everything. Muscles. Brains. Skills. Rights.

 These targets are a mechanism by which you can learn to shoot better - to become good enough so you can be part of the great tradition of The American Rifleman.

 To the extent the types of AQT we offer have multiplied over the years, it's been done to help you either to learn to shoot better or faster, or help you teach others to shoot better and faster. If we are ever to even approach making this country "a nation of riflemen" all of us are going to have to go out and teach others to shoot a rifle. But first, we have to get you up to speed.

  The "Redcoat Target" is the first step, as it answers a question you've prob never asked yourself - but once you ask it, you'll instantly realize its importance: "How far off can I effectively shoot?" Which means, "how far off can I hit a target?" The Redcoats are taking America's shooters by storm! Where else can you find a target which can be quickly set up at 25 meters (82 ft), and in 60 secs and 13 rounds, answer the Big Question?

  Now, to learn to shoot like a rifleman, the 25m AQT targets are a good bet. There are four large target sheets, one for each stage of the AQT, scaled for the distance set for each stage - Stage 1 (100 yds) is standing; Stage 2 (200 yds) is rapid-fire sitting; Stage 3 (300 yds) is rapid fire prone; Stage 4 (400 yds) is slow fire prone. To help you learn, you'll get a free copy of "Fred's Guide to Becoming a Rifleman" with each set you buy.

 The "Quick 'n Dirty AQT" has all four stages on one large target sheet, allowing you to fire the entire course on the same sheet. Fast, quick!

 The "Classification AQT" allows considerable flexibility - you can fire it with as little as 8-rds, 20-rds, or 40-rds. It has one target for each of the four stages, and is half the size of the full AQT. Since the targets are green, you'll often hear them referred to as "the Greencoats".

 The Practice AQT allows you to focus on the harder stages - stages 2, 3, and 4. The same size as the regular AQT sheet, but no Stage 1 target, and multiple opportunities to fire the other stages. It's available in the "Instructor Package" only.

 Instructor Package: Since we're all gonna need to get out and teach rifle marksmanship, this package has 50 QDAQT, 50 Pactice AQT sheets, 100 each of the Red and Greencoats, along with a special "Instructor's Guide" to help you teach others (of course, you can sign up to be an instructor at any Appleseed (appleseedinfo.org), and learn from the experts).

 The Rifleman's AQT: Following the "aim small, miss small" principle this is the AQT scoring rings superimposed on the standard 25m sighter square, so you can both sight-in, and obtain your AQT score. Riflemen don't need a big target to aim at...

25M Army Qualification Test (AQT) Targets, Ten Sets w/ Guide
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