Boston's Gun Bible

"Used, Good" at Amazon for $53.XX - otherwise "unavailable" - but not at Fred's, where we have them brand-new right out of the crate for $25.00, direct from the author, Boston T. Party!

See why this book is so sought-after! Much more than "guns", it covers self-defense of person and property, where and how to get training, how to acquire a battle rifle, which one(s) are best, even how to buy, sell, and trade guns.

Prob the best part is an exhaustive survey of the best and worst rifles. The rifles that can get your killed; the rifles that can save your life. Along with a similar extensive evaluation of handguns.

You'll enjoy his list of "guns to have" in the form of a "shopping list" of what to get!

Now over 800 pages of info on choosing a battle rifle, cartridge, tactics, even how to shop a gun show. Adds a new chapter on becoming a rifleman.

See if you can count the number of times Fred is mentioned - and Project Appleseed! (Highly reccommended by Boston...)

Boston's Gun Bible
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