Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), less cardboard

Straight from the Vietnam War!

Handy and collectible!

Unissued US GI cotton pouch with carry strap, originally used to hold a belt of 100 linked rounds for the M60 GPMG. A clear piece of history!

They appear mint.

But you can use it to carry up to 5 M14 mags. NO cardboard box/liner. Most of these are dated 1961 or later - almost fifty years old! But some are dated as late as the 1970s. Two will fit a GI .30 cal ammo can; three in a GI .50 cal can. A great way to organize your M14 mags for easy access/carry!

Nice quantity pricing, also!

Bandoleer, M60 (M14 Mag Bandoleer), less cardboard
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